Wednesday, 14 September 2016

There’s New Life in the Old Blog Yet

So, we no longer have Charlie dog, and we haven’t done as much travelling in the van in the last few years as we’d have liked, mainly due to Rob working away from home on a series of contracts. The van, however, has been in constant use as he has lived in it during weekdays. Meanwhile, life goes on and small changes occur, which, for us, includes the addition of two dogs as our travelling companions - both lurchers, but quite different from each other.

Pommie is a greyhound crossed with something else, possibly a ridgeback. We have had her for 5 years now, having fostered her and then adopted her at 5 months old. She did travel with us to Germany in the van two years ago, but I didn’t blog that trip as I found the amount of rain we had so depressing!

Betty is a whippet cross, who looks like she has a bit of saluki in her which would explain why she is so skinny. Both dogs are great sofa surfers, so we hope they’ll do well in the van. Our only worry will be where to let them off lead along the way for the mad zoomies they enjoy.

Anyway, we are on the road again for a five week trip to Italy. We’re probably under-researched for this trip and we never over-plan, so we’ll see how we get on.

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